What Is the Best Quality Dining Table?


Custom Designed and Made Tables

A dining table forms the backbone of one of our most vital living spaces. More than an asset, a dining table informs the flow and nature of a family’s most meaningful interactions.

A quality designed and crafted dining table is an inclusion of your family, creating an environment where you can bond, relate and entertain. Only the best quality and personally tailored tables deserve this space in your home. Mark Alexander has the knowledge, skills and passion to design and craft a table which is not only personal to you, but will last for generations to come, a truly key piece of furniture for your family to enjoy.

Superior Quality & Craftsmanship

In your search for the best quality dining table, exceptional materials and craftsmanship takes precedence. This is a key aspect of your dining table which will influence its longevity and durability. Many dining tables are crafted from veneers or designed in a way which does not account for the structural integrity and longevity of the piece. A table by Mark Alexander is not only hand crafted from solid Oak timbers, each table and furniture piece is also meticulously sketched, planned and deigned to personally suit the client, their needs and their home.

French style Round Parquetry Table

Australian Made & Hand Crafted


The Beauty Of Natural Timbers

The beauty of hand crafting a dining table from solid timber is the stunning textures and grains that naturally occur, this results in a deeper character and interest in the dining table. Each of our bespoke and handmade parquetry tables are crafted from the finest solid Oak timbers, with a selection of contrasting timber inlays such as Walnut and Bosse available to achieve the perfect design aesthetic for any home. Each table is meticulously sketched, planned and produced for an uncompromising result. Mark takes his time to carefully consider each design detail including the perfect colour for the client and their home.

Our tables showcase a variation of colours and different depths depending on the light and angle in which you view the table from. This is the beauty of our unique parquetry dining tables.

Premium Quality & Finish


Luxurious Design

With the highest quality solid timbers and the most skilled artisans our parquetry tables cannot be compared, not only are our tables expertly crafted but they’re each individual works of art, personalised to suit. Every table is designed to suit the homes existing features and architecture, with Mark adapting these unique features directly into the furniture concept design. This ensures that the home and furniture pieces speak to each other, creating a balanced and refined space, as if the furniture grew into place there.

Bespoke Dimensions & Colours To Suit


Shape and Design

With your own personal expression in mind, be certain that your table will last not only physically but also stylistically. The optimal table is one which is made for you, to your specifications and personal style. Mark Alexander takes the time to get to know each client and their unique requirements, ensuring that the table he is designing is not only unique but suitable for the home and fits impeccably into the space for which it was envisioned.

A magnificent dining table, unlike any other, is soon to be conceived by exceptional designer Mark Alexander for you and your home. Hand-crafted using true artisanal manufacturing methods and designed for luxury living and everyday use.