By Appointment only

French Tables Sydney is neatly situated close to Hyde Park and across from St Martin Tower, at 44 Market Street, and available for scheduled meetings and consultations only. Unless you are an interstate or international visitor to Sydney, our preferred setting for the initial consultation is your home, office, or workspace, giving us an opportunity to discover your unique style and décor tastes.

We believe high-end furniture is all the more special when the design – from timbers used, through to fabric choice, shape, and more – reflect a little of the client commissioning it. Which is why we encourage you to be as involved with the design process as possible, whether we’re designing a cabinet for you, a furnishing your entire dining room. But can count on us providing expert support and advice from start to finish, shaped by Mark Alexander’s more than 30 years of design artistry experience.

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Our Furniture Design Process and Difference

When creating furniture, we provide a unique experience with a final product that integrates perfectly into your surrounding architecture and environment, while also mirroring your distinctions of character. From modern abstract to functional commercial, designing through eras of furniture inspiration, we will co-create the perfect dining room table and chairs, console, or coffee table with you.

At every stage of the process, from design to delivery, we take special care to ensure the perfect finish: from selecting wood for the robustness of colour and grain, to helping to select and source fabrics that are at once luxurious and durable, making your furniture even more distinctive. And naturally, we prefer a collaborative rather than prescriptive approach.

Concept & Parquetry Pattern Design

From the initial meeting we create sketches to map out concepts, narrowing down finer details such as size, shape, and style, along with colours and patterns in both fabrics and timbers. Under special focus and consideration is any personalised parquetry design for incorporation into your table, chair, or console as these intricate patterns require precision when being designed, drawn, and measured. The traditional parquetry patterns like Herringbone and Monticello provide great inspiration, while the contemporary parquet arrangements of Chevron and Herringbone afford great versatility and movement, nothing compares to rearranging and adapting these designs to fully integrate your furniture vision with unparalleled sophistication. All our furniture is hand-crafted by gifted artisans skilled in a variety of wood turning, joinery, and even masonry techniques, meaning almost anything is possible.


There are a multitude of ways that individuality can be expressed within each and every table, sideboard, console, or chair manufactured under our careful hand. Woodwork and wood turning allows us to customise many aspects of each piece we work on, from leg shape to different types of backs on the chairs we design. Fabric selection, patterns, textures, and colours – from contrasting to complementary – are key when portraying your unique character. We understand how overwhelming the sheer volume of customisation potentials are and we are always careful to guide you through the entire process to reduce the stress and anxiety that accompanies any creative journey.

Manufacturing & Polishing

The entire process – from project conception to manufacturing – is overseen by Mark Alexander, who takes a hands-on approach to ensuring the highest levels of quality are maintained. And our love for techniques that emphasise and accentuate the grain, texture, and colour of the wood we use is also seen in our fondness for using French-polishing on many of our pieces. This time-consuming and very labour intensive technique requires an even higher level of skill to yield a finish that is completed in an Italian wax, complex in texture and colour, and with a beautiful sheen and lustre, ensuring your family enjoys each bespoke furniture piece or set as a treasured part of your heritage.