By Appointment only

French Tables’ office in Brisbane can be found on Turbot Street, on the northern side of the CBD, and well within walking distance of the picturesque River Precinct. Consultations in our office in Santos Place, across the river from the impressive State Library of Queensland, are by appointment only and more suited to interstate or visiting international clients. Understanding a client’s design preferences is an important part of our work process, so we prefer initial consultations to happen in your home or office, depending on the space we are designing a one-of-a-kind furniture piece for.

Our distinctiveness stems from close client involvement, which directly impacts the originality of each piece created with our support – backed by many years of accumulated knowledge and experience in this vibrant and artistic industry – ensuring that from concept to delivery your expectations are both met and exceeded. Our stylish, functional furniture showcase your unique character and individuality through the multitude of design facets you help shape and select, such as timber type, fabrics, parquetry patterns, and distinguishing finishes.

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Our Furniture Design Process and Difference

Our unique experience takes you on an inspired journey creating bespoke furniture items that culminate in an end product that incorporates perfectly into your exclusive environment, while reflecting your distinct character. Whether you are fashioning a functional table or a comfortable chair, our design team will take you through centuries of furniture inspirations from modern to traditional in our endeavour to make your furniture dream a reality.

From the finest quality woods showcasing distinctive colours and grain, to fabrics and materials with dramatic designs or subdued patterns, we handle each detail with painstaking care, creating bespoke pieces that can be both displayed and utilised. From the onset of our collaborative creative journey, our key goal is to express your vision and spirit through a masterpiece of woodcraft and design.

Concept & Parquetry Pattern Design

After our initial meeting and sketched designs, the process of concept mapping and a detailed technical drawing follow, selecting everything from the grandest of details such as woods and fabrics to the smallest details that consider furniture finishes like varnishes and waxes. Parquetry design is a speciality and a high level of care is taken when considering the intricate designs of Herringbone, Chantilly, and Hexagon patterns – all of which need to be precisely drawn and cut. In this way we completely map out your furniture dream with unmatched sophistication and artistry. From masonry, wood turning, and joinery, we utilize every technique at our disposal to provide you with unlimited customisation potential, applied by the worlds most gifted artisans. So, whether you are designing an American cherry sideboard or a European oak table, we have your best interest at heart.


The most important aspect is the developed profile of each piece of furniture we work on. With our high capacity and fondness for sophisticated customisation, your profile will take into consideration every little detail right down to leg shape and design. These key elements of design, from jarring textures to subdued colour pallets, are absolutely essential to fully encapsulate the unique style and flair of each valued customer, but always with full support from our creative team.

Manufacturing & Polishing

Supervised and lead by Mark Alexander and our team of expert artisans, you can rest easy knowing that from project conception to manufacturing you are in the best of hands. Our entire manufacturing process revolves around highlighting the chosen woods’ organic grain texture and colour. We finish each commissioned piece with a long and laborious French polishing technique using Italian wax that guarantees the best high-gloss sheen, while complementing and strengthening natural colours that come through when using our wide variety of timbers like walnut, oak and mahogany. This painstaking process can take up to three weeks to complete, relying solely on the accomplished French-polisher’s judgement. This ensures your family will enjoy each bespoke piece for decades to come, with a natural patina.