How Do You Select the Right Size Dining Table?


Statement Dining Tables

Sharing a meal with friends and family is a magical way to bond. This is why we place so much importance on finding a dining table which speaks to us in a personal way. Each of the tables crafted by Mark Alexander are furniture art, directly inspired by you and your home. Working directly with our client’s we understand their needs and personal style requirements, Mark will then use his deep knowledge in furniture manufacturing to sketch out the perfect design to suit. Often incorporating key features and architectural shapes into his designs to connect and balance the home with our custom-made furniture pieces. Within our design process we also take the time to find the right size dining table for your space, your needs and any requirements that you may have.

Meticulously Sketched, Planned & Produced For You


The Dining Room Space

Your dining room space must showcase your dining table in a flattering and functional way, allowing room for the design to speak out but also ensuring the table design is perfect for everyday living as well. Mark Alexander takes the time to look over each client’s floorplans, architectural renders, 3D visuals and photos of the space to ensure that the end result is not only breathtaking but the right fit for the client’s home. Mark’s knowledgeable furniture manufacturing background and skills allow him to take every little detail into account resulting in unforgettable designs and concepts.

Functional & Timeless Design


Design Functionality

A dining table is essentially the heart of your home, a key feature piece for you and your family to enjoy all year round. This makes the design and functionality of such a furniture piece extremely important, fundamental to the interior design scheme and balance of the space. Mark Alexander takes every aspect into account when designing his bespoke furniture pieces, ensuring each is suitably adapted for not only the client but for the interior as a whole. Providing our clients with not only a feature furniture piece but a functional and timeless design.

Australian Made & Hand Finished


Style & Comfort

When designing each and every bespoke dining table, Mark carefully considers the client and their lifestyle, along with the overall space of the dining room. With each project the client’s floorplans are scaled out with their selected chair size; this ensures that we are not only designing a unique table for their home but that it is as functional and versatile as possible for the interior scheme. The style and design of your custom-made table should never be comprised by not planning and considering the overall space in your home and any existing furniture that you may have, providing the best dining experience for you and your family.

No matter your aesthetic persuasion, the most beautiful, fitting, and practical table is one designed and built with you in mind. Mark Alexander designs luxury artful dining room tables according to your taste, floor plan, and room size.